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Sri Lanka solar energy provider E Green Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, One of the largest solar company in Sri Lanka. We will give you Zero Electricity Bill for your residence, shopping mall, factory or office complex. Solar powered electricity provides way to live cost efficient and green life that will support your environment. You can earn money from the surplus production of electricity on monthly basis. Solar projects are supported by the Sri Lanka Government. Our solar system will provide electricity for your home, office, and shops, even if you don’t have national grid.

E Green Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the leading professional solar power system provider in Sri Lanka. We will connect your solar system to the Government’s electricity grid through the net meter. Excess power will be sent to the grid at day time and in the night time you can draw electricity from the grid for your usage through the Net Meter. We will calculate and make it to be balanced to make the bill to be zero consumption from the grid.